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Let Kids Read for their Pleasure!!

Trust me, when I first started out, I was quite unsure myself. Do I really want myself doing this? Writing a kidlit book with no sort of expertise wasn't my cup of coffee. I have a baby girl, alright but does that make relate to kids in general?
I wanted to make a difference in my life. In my child's life. She is still so young but it is strongly recommended for us parents to instill the want to read more books in kids at a very young age for this will boost their mental intellect in ways beyond imagination.
I observe some kids nowadays who are forced to read. Either by parents or by their learning institutions which aim to promote reading by a commonly used trick of bribery. Is this really going to work, I ponder..
As an author, I feel much more disgusted at such notions. Perhaps even more than how a parent might feel. The art of weaving a story to entertain my audience is already hard enough, now my audience needs to be bribed into reading?
Why is there so much pressure whe…