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The Trip:Episode 3--> #BlushAndGlow #BlastFromThePast | A New Entrant | Reunion Party | A Last Chance Before The Knot | Chemistry Awakened | Someone clearly does not Belong Here | Music Revivingroup Two Lost Souls


Is the third episode eye-opening and gasping-in-shock or what??

The Trip had officially started for the girls, having started on an erratic schedule, lack of sandwiches which decided to fill the tummy of madhouse Nazia so that she could load up on bottles of "daaru"(champagne). Having stopped to rest at some anonymous stop, the 3rd episode starts with a tranquil rise where Mother Nature calls out to the heavenly girls who silently tuned in,all in sync. No words spoken. Just fresh, crisp air and alluring beauty. What was this enigma about Nature that never stops mesmerising us when we stop to adore it?? A calm and serene scene in the beginning surely calls for a mental preparation, that something so volatile is on its way to blast out from NOWHERE!!!

None other than Nazia's guesthouse where a high school reunion party was being held. Girls, especially our bride, Ananya, along the way, surely got nostalgic over eating yummilicious parathe with buttery goodness that simply melts down their throat. Not to mention how Sanjana was gradually bursting out at the very mention of "makhan", when she was training Ananya to be prim and proper, just reminding us of how governesses are portrayed in classic literature novels. The rest of the girls ask her to chillax while they head to the guesthouse.

Nazia's clearly irked with her "evil twin bro" who had apparently rained on her parade. Sanjana, very much the new member of the girls' gang, knew nothing about Adil (Namik Paul). The moment the girls entered the room, the atmosphere of a party was already present with lots of socialising going on, meeting old pals and what not. This wasn't the case for our Shonali. The music in the background gradually slowed down and time almost finally froze as she laid her eyes on the charming, irresistible Adil.

 Their eyes surely met for a brief moment and in this, her heart skipped several beats as her eyes gave it away. They had shared something and he seemed the perfect blast from her past. But their eyelock spoke something else altogether. The awkward hugs they exchanged in front of the girls surely defined feelings of a totally different dimension yet to be revealed.

The series director introduced an interesting layer to the relation of Shonali and Neil, that of a long-distance relationship. Could that work for them? Will they still be close as they used to be, especially when Adil was there just in their frame at the most improbable time? Who knows, let's figure in the future episodes.

Meanwhile, let us see what our mad, wild riotous Nazia had been upto. She had literally upped the whole game by creating a quick online dating profile for the bride without her knowledge. What was even more surprising to Sanjana was the fact that Ananya was very much open to the whole idea of playing along and taking the last possible opportunity to dance to the chance Goddess Naz had revealed to her. Shaking and spicing things up, Ananya finally took up on Nazia's challenge to taste the Forbidden Fruit and both of them attempts to woo a plastic surgeon. It was a total laugh riot watching Nazia crack some real supposedly horny pick-up lines, almost making Ananya puke her drink out. Lollxx!!!

Whilst the hysterics were going on, Sanjana on the other hand, clearly showed her disinterest in the guys who had come forward to offering her drinks. She came up with a list of probable side effects of befriending them and almost pissed them off in the run and chose to slack in a corner, I assume. She's a soul who'd rather gain her optimal energy just in solitude or yoga retreats. Not a fan of such wild parties nor loud music, she clearly didn't belong to these girls. I am so intrigued to learn about the layers of her life, her introspective soul, someone whom I can connect with, on a high level.

What ultimately sets this episode apart from the rest was the interaction between Shonali and Adil. Be it the indecisiveness over the drinks, or the direct flirtatious mannerisms between the duo, everything kept adding up to how attracted both of them are to each other. Impressing Adil was quite a huge deal for Shonali who had looked up on his performances internationally. He was undoubtedly happy but he pushed her for more instead of her sense of "imitation" in the musical pieces she had created. Some of the advice he had given her made her realize she could achieve so much more with his aid, probably as a mentor. For instance, creating music using "live" instruments instead of modern day computer-generated music creates the subtle difference which revives the magic, love and passion for music that Shonali began to see through his perspective. His upcoming event is in Bangkok and we'll definitely want to see both of them create some awesome magic together but for now, let's wait till Thursday to see the chemistry being awakened in both of them during the party, as per the promo for 4th episode.

Let me leave you with a special quote which may link to this webseries for Shonali and Adil..A probability of their incomplete story..👇👇👇

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”― Rumi


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