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TheTrip: Episode 4-->Never Have I Ever!! Highlights

The Trip Weekly Digest

Never Have I Ever!!!!

Party poopers all around. A myriad of secrets OUT of the bag.
by JK on 8th January 2017
The Trip episodes, though each measure up to a short 13 minutes, fly swiftly with a pace just right with perfect grappling hooks for each upcoming episode.
This week was slightly different though. I'm not entirely disappointed nor satisfied. Sure, there were extremely high voltage scenes which deserve much appreciation. They earn golden nugget points from me but at the same time, I had come across scenes which were merely bleurgh or rather bland. They could have created an impact visually but they didn't.  
An overall appealing episode, which could have been made better but nonetheless pretty entertaining too, hence no complaints. :)
My ratings:☆☆☆.5/☆☆☆☆☆
  1. ‘Up up show me the way’ with #ShonAdil

Bammmmmm!!!!A perfect 3-minute start to any episode ever!! Ask any of the fan followers of the Trip and they'll be literally screaming just to spring back in boomerang style, dancing away to the catchy tune of the full track that was introduced in bits ever since the teaser. The fingertips of Adil that magically and subtly played with the various chords brought symphony up, getting the party started. In the midst of it, he observed Shonali strum and felt freshness in the music she effused, turning him on. Him, grooving to her beats and fully encouraging the music further,tapping and clapping while she, swaying her hair, hitting the tambourine, loosening up all of her inhibitions; all shouted one common dream-->Music is alive and thumping relentlessly in all of their hearts, and their crackling chemistry shined all the way; the girls had no doubt about it. Namik Paul took it upon himself to recreate the magic in every scene he's enacted so far, clearly with the oomph factor oozing in every subtle expression.

2. Sanjana--You're Confusing Me!!!!

Sanjana has been a confusing character from the second episode. Till now, there are several misconceptions about her character profile. Is she an introverted soul who's clearly not interested in guys? What is she made of? Sometimes we see her alienating herself from the rest of the girls for she'd rather be alone. From the initial setup of the party,she had been rather pushy and unwelcoming. As soon as the party got started, we see her springing in excitement along with Naz and Ananya. Is she suffering from a split personality; one may wonder. Haha, I hope not. As far as my perspective goes, all I want to believe right now is that she's only trying to fit in and gel with the girls. Or maybe she's just pumped up, just enjoying after loosening her knots. Soon, she might recoil back to who she is, which is part of her introverted nature. But there's more to Sanjana than what meets the eyes at first glance.

3. #GirlsChatWithoutNaz!!!!

Well, you can't blame the trio if Naz is busy filling the plastic surgeon aka Nico with her company and wild fantasies, sharing earphones. Ananya and Sanjana gets to finally know that Neil had proposed to Shonali. Sanjana was the first to figure Shonali’s dilemma, surprising he latter who didn't really deem Sanjana fit to be ‘her’ friend or someone who could actually comprehend what the heavens was going on in her head. But there we go with the element of surprise and Shonali’s eyes remain fixated on Adil. She's still stuck in her past but is it still worth it??
This is an example of a scene which could have been visually enacted with more details pertaining to Sanjana’s character and the bond between Sanjana and Shonali. Her character has been a question mark to many fans and I believe the writers have more to reveal about her character very soon.

4. Lesson Learnt The Hard Way

Getting hung up on an ex is surely not an excellent choice in life. That is true, even if many years had gone by and one believes that she has already moved on. But then reality strikes when one bumps into her past, gradually coming to terms with the bitter truth. That Adil has always remained in Shonali’s life despite not physically being there. Ego clashes, she says. Adil talks about no longer having the possibility of exploring options as one ages. No second chances to rectify one's mistakes. Was he suggesting something to both of them? This was a subtly lethal conversation to begin with, not knowing where it might lead to, and what relations could possibly be at stake, just because of some weak moments of wanting to go back to where they had been years ago. Almost a mistake, Shonali but life strikes back with Ruhi’s presence; a petite and clingy girlfriend of Adil brings him away and Shonali is left in the lurch,feeling like a total fool.

5. Never Have I Ever!!

Possibly, my favourite scene from the episode apart from the 1st scene mentioned here. The party was slowly winding down, with some games and chilling. Close friends gathered round, drinking in merry. Shonali was surely avoiding her glances at Adil and Ruhi. This whole scene had been perfectly entertaining only because of Mallika Dua aka Nazia. Her immediate catching Sanjana’s gesture to Shonali and startled reaction to Neil’s proposal, her anger at not getting to know it before Sanjana and to top it all, Shonali revealing a secret lesbian “patru bhabhi” whom jealous Adil had no clue of till now, all made her a literal madcap who,out on sweet revenge and absent-mindedness for Ruhi, blurted out a secret about Adil and Shonali, which maddened Ruhi. Naz,who definitely had lots of explaining to do, was nonetheless, the entertainer of the week!!!



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