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Crossing Borders to Meeting Someone Special


When four single, well, in this case, involved in almost single, committed or complicated cases of relationships, are out on a bachelorette trip, anything extreme is bound to happen. Keep that thought in mind while I bring you along the different paths they took to reach Koh Samui from their previous destination, St. Mary's School.

Hours passed by them and possibly days before they reached the hotel of their choice in Koh Samui. The exotic and picturesque views that the hotel presented were very well depicted in the series and shall I say, I was as equally excited as the girls who had arrived in their room...Be it in delight upon seeing free champagne, jumping in the springy bed like small kids, wanting to sleep in the bath tub or even enjoying the winds that accompanied them. If Sanjana,Ananya and Shonali were forthcoming with their excitement knowing no boundaries, Naz was suppressing it, very much like a sophisticated tourist, who's done it all. They were greeted by an Indian whom the girls thought Sanjana was hitting on and Naz caught it quick. While Sanjana denied all signs initially, she sure did talk about wanting to find someone nice along their trip. So hopefully,can we get a cute guy for her like super soon????

In this episode, the iconic point of it all was literally the girl time and what their plans were. They wanted to make the most out of it and that was the true essence of it. Ananya was pretty damn sure she wasn't gonna get any trip as adventurous like this so they ought to give EVERYTHING a try. That being said, how could any day go for the girls without a bit of pampering and dolling them up for the exact excitement that was awaiting them?? Flaunting their beauty and oomph factor with the right dash of magic, they strutted along to a party, only to have apparently met a local celebrity of the country and to have caught his attention.

However, this hadn't apparently turned in their favour. Getting kicked out of his van by his security was clearly NOT on their new experiences LIST!!! Having gotten out of nowhere and with mobiles with no connectivity, what were the girls' next PLAN???

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....Someone Special???

We meet the girls on a sandy beach,pretty much delusional and asleep. The first to wake up to the mystical beauty of the morning was Shonali. Widening her eyes to the chirping of birds as though they were humming a tune to her, the rejuvenating breeze which accompanied her every step, the tides which held her hand to step forward, away from the dunes and towards the cool waters, creating the ripple effect. The elements of nature bound hands to close her eyes, bringing her back to the words from a music director about travelling and finding her roots to Adil's words ringing in her ears. She had learnt to forge friendship with nature but just then, Nazia voiced out to her to not commit suicide by going any further into the sea. Lollxx, pretty much typical of her but yes, we meet Arnav, the very same guy whom Sanjana's quite smitten by and Nazia's flirting with occasionally.

Shonali's extremely elated to be back in the hotel where she had been working really hard on her music based on a spark of creativity she felt from the morning. I must say I'm really relieved to see Neil back. I missed that dude..haha no offence, hardcore Adil fans!! But yes I missed that extremely cosy conversation between Neil and Shonali, something which I truly enjoyed till he kinda proposed. Haha!!

Waise, Shonali, you've got a decision to make, so make it quick!!!

Naz was ready to break Ananya's wedding if it is a must but she didn't wanna hear the repetitive and depressive thoughts of not wanting to get married. Girls were having a gala time pampering themselves in the pool. However, the layers that Sanjana had closely wrapped around herself were slowly getting uncovered when she had bumped into her estranged dad along her walk with Ananya.

Naz was horrified by Ananya's nature which had changed from school days from someone who would do anything to finding out everything to someone who gave her friend the space she needed and not push her to reveal her secrets. Eventually, Naz interfered and both Naz and Ananya made a secret plan to bring Sanjana and her dad in front of each other.

That brought us to yet a subtle trait of OCD in Sanjana...The extreme soaping made me quite concerned literally, wondering when her skin might wear off because of her actions. Thankfully, she finally stopped and let down her walls in front of the girls. Reminding her dad of her mum, she had always felt as a burden. She grew close to her grandparents, hence the tattoos. When family ties are severed, friends in the form of Ananya, Shonali and Nazia are luxury indeed. While Arnav had been waiting for the girls to turn up for dinner based on his invite, the girls planned a special surprise dinner just for Sanjana, who has found a wonderful family in these newly found friends of her's!!!

Cheers to all of us who've found amazing friends in our lives. Let us cherish them and always keep them close to our hearts!!!! Cheers to Friendship!!!!

Till next week....Adios!!!


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