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The Trip Episode 8: #WhereIsTheRing (Climax of Webseries)

The Trip Episode 8:

Rise and Shine.

A slow gradual but slurry morning, had it been for the foursome who had laid haphazardly on the beach. How do they often end up laid on the beach, one may wanna ask. Remember questions are barely a part of fictionalised series. You don't ask, you watch!! We can still overlook this part of the series with picturesque view of the breathtaking beach in Koh Samui. Shonali was waking the girls up and Anna was smiling to herself,seeing the names Adil and Neil being written on either side of the former’s bum. Perfect spots for the guys in her indecisive heart.

The delirious girls finally started walking. Naz was leading the team, feeling proud of the fact that they had gone one step ahead with a Hangover, concluding a perfect Bachelorette party but Ananya’s heart was filled with apprehension. Her paranoia surely kicked reality in all of them for Ananya had lost her RING!!!Her engagement ring…

The girls looked around them and Sanjana tried to bring them to relax. All of them headed back to their hotel,which was thankfully in the vicinity. All ran to their room which had already seemed as though things had been thrown around. Naz was quite concerned about not having food which almost led to Ananya losing her cool but Shonali and Sanjana asked them to check Ananya’s mobile.

A message from an unidentified Suku surely baffled them even further. Next, the group of girls chose to seek help from Arnav who checked the footage from the hotel. However, this wasn't much help till the girls found out about their night having been spent at one strip club, Lady Dragon.

Counting her stars, Ananya stepped forward with the girls and found themselves in a deep whirlpool as a Thai girl identified them to be wonderful in pole dancing and entertaining them. If this wasn't shocking enough, the next phone call was just adequate to let the world slip from Ananya’s feet. It was her mom talking about some video that had been uploaded by Nazia on fB. Eyes were fixated on Naz and Ananya abruptly ended the call. 

Girls tried to pacify, one by one,that it couldn't be that bad but all hesitantly took one look and knew the everlasting impact it could have on Ananya’s wedding. In an inebriated state, the unexpected words came out from Ananya’s mouth, speaking of her disheartened soul about Arjun, especially their honeymoon plans.

Everything was now out in the OPEN.

Girls still needed to find the ring. They got a hint about Suku and they ended at a temple. They ended up emptying a donation box, scaring a girl who had probably been praying. Misfortune had not left their backs and this time round, it was in the form of local Thai policemen who caught them red-handed and frozen in shock.

The adventure trip had taken an unexpected swerve,blinding Ananya’s judgment entirely, calling it a flop idea. She almost accused Naz directly for bringing them into such a huge mess despite her shortcomings and her wants to lead an unforgettable trip with her best buds for the rest of her life. Now, she had thought of bailing out easily and decided to point fingers,especially on Nazia. Before things escalated, Ananya got a call from her mom.

The ultimate call that foiled the adventurous spirit in all of them. Ananya’s marriage had officially been called off by Arjun and his family members. Grieving in silence and melancholy are the girls who are on their way to the police station.

Fans are excited to see their favourite Adil in the upcoming episode. What I'm looking forward to seeing is how the friendship of Ananya, Sanjana, Shonali and Nazia will be consolidated and strengthened with this storm and with the male counterparts, Neil and Adil. It was indeed refreshing to see a glimpse of Neil calling the girls criminals and Adil pulling Sanjana’s legs, asking if going to the jail wasn't on her Don't Do list. All in all, the guys are gonna make an explosive reentry back into the series, for the girls!!


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