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The Trip Season Finale Review + #GirlInTheCity is BACK!!!!!

My deepest apologies for not having chosen to finish reviewing the web-series and do justice to those who had been religiously watching over my blog for updates on The Trip. It had been on e of those rough patches of my life where I inevitably opted to be amongst my loved ones who needed me but more than that, the net connectivity while I had been touring in India had been one hell of a bumpy ride.

As the series had come to an end in the midst of February, just by Valentine's Day, I wondered if it was a true coincidence if the end had been planned around the time where love bloomed.

With the girls behind bars, everything had seemed so blurry for all. Ananya rather be there, avoiding all sorts of confrontation with her parents after Arjun's parents had called off the wedding due to the unexpected circumstance that had befallen them. Sanjana was quite content with what had happened, thinking it to be just what Ananya's heart truly wanted. Perhaps her "karma" played the card in her favour.

The guys came to rescuing the girls eventually, Adil being the one bailing out the girls and Neil having come all the way from Australia to meet his Gypsy girl. It was quite fresh to see how Adil had teased Sanjana as landing herself in jail as a must-to-do list in this unforgettable trip.

'Hey criminals' was sheer pleasantry when it came from Neil, welcoming him back after several episodes. The girls narrated the whole fiasco which landed them straight to jail and Ananya's wedding being called off. But the guys made them realise something, bringing them back to their hotel room with a cake. Out popped Ananya's ring within the cake. Everyone---curse the Thai guy who had almost taken advantage of the girls!!!!

Cut straight to indirect hints being dropped by Adil who might have casually bumped into Shonali during a morning jog along the beach. He chose to seize the opportunity, listening to the music she had recently composed after hopping on board this trip. He was brimming with joy. Only that it was short-lived by Neil's presence. The awkwardness had officially begun. If one had closely watched it, Adil had just sneaked out with a smug smile. Well, I'm damn sure of that!!(laughs)

On the other end, Ananya was struggling with her life. She was hopelessly trying to move on but found it so hard to even text a Sorry to Arjun. Shonali and Sanjana came up with a plan to reunite Arjun and Ananya. For God's sake, both of them deserved a second chance, without anyone's interference. Arjun had almost misunderstood Ananya once again when she pacified herself in front of Nazia and Sanjana about moving on but at that instant, Ananya rushed to him and talked her heart out, something which she had been meaning to do for a long time.

If things are looking brighter, it sure was bringing us to a climax worth watching. Neil was surely being aware of the situation between him and Shonali, hence giving her all the space she needed. The last thing he had wanted was more awkwardness created by Adil deliberately as he questioned the status quo of the duo in Shonali's absence. Shonali was grown shocked when Adil had openly proclaimed that Neil didn't mention anything about her being his girlfriend, while complimenting her.

Shonali had soon questioned Neil later on. I was truly thrilled to have sensed the maturity in Neil as he didn't bother to answer her in front of everyone else before and that Adil simply heard what he wanted to. Shonali went to meet her girls and tried contacting Neil but to no avail. He had most probably wanted to spend his time alone.

Upon Adil's request to wear some classy outfit, she gave him a befitting reply that she had never felt it necessary to change who she is nor her dressing. Literally, I laughed my heart out when I saw the scene. Read between the lines, Adil!!

Ananya and Arjun had enjoyed spending some quality time walking down the streets of Bangkok, enjoying baby corn, looking at cute babies.Arjun had warned her of her using the word baby thrice in a row, and she bursted out laughing. Like a cute cherry on top of the icing of any delicious cake, Arjun just knew the exact moment to make time stall for Ananya. He had proposed to her, giving her life a second chance to relive her dream of a fairytale mushy wedding. A colorful array of fireworks followed suit.

Nazia was going crazy waiting for all of her girls, taunting them for not being on time. Precisely, this had to happen when a boyfriend and a fiancΓ© had to accompany an all-girls bachelorette party. Shonali was glad that Neil finally came but grew very much discouraged upon hearing the news of his flight back. She had thought that he would be there for her the most. Sure, Adil was there but deep down, she was beginning to realise that his presence could have given her the utmost support she had ever needed. Neil hugged her, subtly slipping a small note in her pocket.

Shonali met her girls and all of them grew excited at the news of Ananya's engaged status and Adil couldn't help notice how gorgeous Shonali looked. All set aboard on the boat which was meant to head towards the music carnival both Shonali and Adil had been excited about since the start of the series.

When Shonali broke the news of Neil having a flight to catch, Adil couldn't stop himself. Nazia tried to gesture to him to stop being so rude and he had gone and sat beside her. Finally, his intentions came out in the open. He didn't want her music to be brought forward for it wasn't that great and with him by her side, she had nothing to fear for he could get her into their good books through his influence.

Oh wow, such jerks do exist in life, people!!!The only thing Adil couldn't understand was why Shonali wouldn't accept his help, calling her a loser along with her friends after they had left the boat. Nazia strictly came to the concise point which pricked him. No matter how great a musician he may be, he could never learn to manage his relationships and his friendships. Nazia too left him in the end.

All of them were happy that Shonali made the right decision. As she was looking for her mobile, she came across Neil's note which took us to him laying low and secluded. He had always fallen in love with her over and over again, finding reasons every single day as a hopeless romantic with her adorable features. However, he had felt that some things might have changed during the trip or even she herself had changed. Hence, he deemed it suitable to let her go and live her dream, ensuring that she believed in her capabilities. He believed in her and that was all Shonali needed. Her dilemma was cleared. She drove quickly and managed to find him all set to go but she stopped him. He was dumbstruck to see her in front of him, on her knees, letting her mascara smudge and proposing to him. He couldn't be any more happier but surely he could tease her more, with the idea of deciding it over a "trip"!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

The series ended with a reunion of all the girls together with Arjun and Neil surrounded by laughter, merriment, drinks and a Facebook request by Mr Arnav and yes, Sanjana accepted his request!!!!

Thank you so very much Lakshya for this amazing series which gave us Shonali, Neil, Sanjana, Ananya, Nazia, Adil and Arjun.

For everyone who had watched the 1st season of #GirlInTheCity, wait till 24th March, 6 pm for the 2nd season is coming up by our own Lakshya, the creator of this series as well.

Hope you guyz loved the review and do share your feedback.

P.S: If you've been a fan of my reviews, do share my posts and if you've still got time to read, check out a new short story I've begun to write titled Missed Connections !!!



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