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New Chapter. New Season. #GirlInTheCity2

Hi folks,
It's been a wondrous experience having reviewed The Trip, a webseries launched by Lakshya on Bindass, an Indian television channel (for people who aren't aware). Some of you might wonder why the heck am I doing this reviewing when I have brought this blog mainly to focus on literary fiction in the young adults genre. Well, guess what? 

Before starting to explore the arena of blogging, I had written some articles for websites such as Rangmunch (Neeraja Unni) and others such as Muniza Riaz. It was a fun experience writing content which appealed to fans of crime-reated English shows such as The Good Wife and The Mentalist as well as Indian shows such as Parvarishh which was a parenthood-based show. I had always preferred shorter and finite shows which showed brevity and quality. I still miss these shows but as the years went by, my tastes were intrinsically tuned to the liking of webseries catered to young adults and both women-centric webseries and sketch comedies, hence me starting to review shows such as The Trip for a start. The additional bonus was the theme of travelling to exotic, picturesque destinations such as Koh Samui, Thailand.

Now recently, The Girl In The City had disclosed it's second season and wound up so soon that I began to realize one universal truth behind such beautifully written shows: All good things do come to an end and in a flash that you wouldn't see it coming. I mean just think about our own lives. Do we know if we are gonna get demoted from our jobs or replaced by someone else who's perhaps more qualified? Do we know when we're gonna get our share of heartbreak?  Or worse of it all, do we know when our chapters in this world end??

Watching Meera struggle in her life yet in this season led to quite a different feeling. She learnt the importance of gratitude towards her own parents from the rich spoiltbrat sibling duo who inevitably were her worst nightmare. Initially having set out to spread her wings and fly to Mumbai for her dream job as a fashion designer, nothing had ever taken place according to what she had in mind. Her designs were chosen but only under the name of the fashion house, The House Of Areem. She couldn't gain credit for her work or talent but she knew that she'd stand by the firm she was working in. Stand strong, keep her head held high as a soldier and working endless hours to prove her worth no matter how she was treated by her bosses.

Mithila, I'm officially your fan now. It's hard for me to acknowledge that I'm anyone's fan so easily. But yes, after watching the two seasons, I'm in awe of her endearing performance. Supporting performances are wonderful from each of them especially Karthik, Areem, Yash, etc. This was no doubt a perfect team effort worth a standing ovation.

This is surely a perfect web series for young adults and it is on YouTube so hurry up, check out the show.

Stay glued for more updates from me. If you have any interest in young adult finite series, please do let me know. I'll be free to review the show.



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